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Betrayal Part III

That night I dreamed. Actually, it was a flashback that would haunt my thoughts forever.

Qui-Gon Jinn rushed down a catwalk towards a door several levels below the platform on which I stood.

" Qui-Gon!" I called, but he was slashing at the Sith Lord with such fury that he didn't seem to take any notice of me. I jumped down to the catwalk and raced as fast as I could down it to catch up with them. Qui-Gon and Darth Maul rushed through the door and into a long corridor. All the sudden red lasers shot off the buffer struts and created 5 energy walls crisscrossing the corridor. Qui-Gon and his pursuer were caught one wall apart at the end of the corridor. And me, well I didn't get past even the first wall.

I was trapped. My eyes searched franticly about for a control panel, or anything that could deactivate the shield. Unfortunately for me, my effort was unsuccessful. I looked down the corridor to where Qui-Gon was. Darth Maul was looking back and forth from me to Qui-Gon, smiling a wicked grin that showed off his disgusting teeth. Qui-Gon turned around to look at me for a moment, then deactivated his lightsaber and settled into a meditating crouch on the ground.

I paced endlessly at my end of the corridor, my anger boiling and raging inside me. How-How could I be so slow?!! Why couldn't I catch up?!! How come Qui-Gon left me behind?!! I thought furiously. But I was also getting worried. Would I make it to the end before the lasers kicked in again? I judged the distance carefully, scanning the service corridor slowly. I would have to be very fast. I gazed a Qui-Gon and realized how old and weary he looked. The Sith Lord saw me staring and smiled with evil satisfaction. And at that moment the energy shields were gone - I lunged forward with all my might, my blue lightsaber raised above my head as I sprinted towards them. In the meantime, Qui-Gon had jumped to his feet forced his rival through the end of the corridor into the melting pit area, lightsaber flashing madly. I forced myself to go faster, and faster still, until I thought I would burst. Then I heard the capacitators start up and the red shields were there once more, and I was cut off by the very last wall. I watched, my eyes wide in horror as Qui-Gon hammered away at the Sith Lord with his lightsaber, his face drenched with sweat. Although Qui-Gon was the best swordsman I'd ever seen, I could almost see his strength diminishing. Then Darth Maul whirled away, his back facing the Jedi Master. Go! I urged silently, but it was already to late. The Sith Lord lunged his red double bladed saber backwards and found his target, stabbing Qui-Gon right through the middle.

"Nooooooooooo!!!" A cry of horror and disbelief shattered the air and it took me a moment to realize it was my own. Then the energy walls were gone, and almost instinctively, I shot out of the corridor and was upon my rival in an instant. We battled endlessly, and even though my anger fueled me, after a while I could feel myself weakening. I was beginning to be afraid of this man, but then I thought of what Qui-Gon had said to me once before.

"Don't center on your fears. Concentrate on the here and now," he had told me. "Be mindful of the living Force, my young Padawan. Be strong."

On one final assault I struck the Sith Lord on the side, and while his lightsaber was horizontal I sliced it cleanly in half. Sensing the opportunity to finnish the battle, I chopped at Darth Maul's horned head. To my suprise, I missed by about a mile. Then, discarding half of his lightsaber, Darth Maul struck away at me with such force that I tumbled over the edge of the melting pit, my lightsaber flying out of my hands. I reached out and tried to cling to something. After what seemed like forever, my hands grasped a metal rung below the edge of the pit. I watched my lightsaber clatter away, to far to reach with my retrieving powers, and I looked up to see Darth Maul staring into my eyes, his own eyes glowing yellow with triumph as an evil grin spread across his red and black tattooed face.

Then, as I was hanging on the edge of that rung, my body trembling with exhaustion and fear, I connected with the force and concentrated harder than I ever had before in my whole life, and harder than I probably ever would. After I calmed myself, I launched myself up and flipped over Darth Maul's head, drawing Qui-Gon's fallen lightsaber into my hand. As I landed behind the Sith Lord, I thumbed the lightsaber on. Darth Maul whirled around to face me, but before he could do anything, I had sliced him right through. He howled in pain as I watched tumble down the melting pit. Then I raced to Qui-Gon, and laid him on his back. But I was to late.

"No!" I cried out, shaking my head violently from side to side. It couldn't happen! I thought. But Qui-Gon knew he was done for, and made me promise to train the boy, Anakin. Willingly, I agreed. He said more, which I can't really recall now, and then he was gone.

"No..... Master......please." I whispered. But he was dead. I hugged him tightly to my chest, and the tears came uncontrollably. But I didn't care. My Master, my one true friend, ..... he was gone, forever......

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