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Betrayal Part IV

"Noooooo!" My eyes snapped open, and the dream vanished. Shaking, I sat up and looked around. No, I wasn't on Naboo. I wasn't. It was just a dream, that's all it was. Just a dream. I was still shaking as I stumbled out of my cot and switched on the light. I had been having that dream quite a lot lately, ever since Qui-Gon was killed. It was hard not to think about it. He was the best friend I ever had. Sighing, I turned the hololamp back off and returned to bed. I laid there, staring at the ceiling, trying to calm myself and at the same time trying to ignore the strange chill that had entered the room.

I awoke abruptly to see golden-orange sunlight streaming through the poryglass windows from Coruscant's various suns. Oh, it's morning. I thought. After I was done in my chamber, which was one of the many empty rooms located on one of the Jedi Temple's lower levels, I took the elevator up towards the top of the Temple. The Council was not to be in session this morning, so I wanted to have a private talk with Master Yoda regarding the newly aroused situation. As I was beginning to reach the upper levels of the Temple, I began to think about Qui-Gon again. What would he do in this situation? He would take a lot of chances, I thought with a small laugh, remembering how I used to get mad at him a lot for defying the Council every time he could. Now, for some reason, I wish I wouldn't have gotten mad at him, almost as if that had something to do with his death. The transport elevator dinged, and whooshed open with a mechanical whir. Master Yoda's chamber was straight ahead, and as soon as I was in front of it, Master Yoda called out to me as though he knew I was there.

"Come in now, yes, come in. Humph!" he rasped in an amused voice. I could hear him chuckling to himself as he sensed my suprise.

"Come for me have you? Wish to talk to me do you, hmmm?" he continued.

" Yes Master, I have come regarding Palpatine's disappearance and the new Sith threat." I replied quietly, bowing my head slightly as the silver door opened and he entered into view.

"Yes, know why you come, I do," he said, as he took a seat by where I was standing.

"This threat, now before us, unclear it is, but you must face it. You must defeat the new Sith power alone, only you."

"And if I fail?"

"Clouded your future is, no telling what ... may happen. You must go." He looked straight into my eyes, as if reading my thoughts.

"Ah, I sense much fear in you, much fear," he concluded.

"I am not afraid." I said, my voice tense as I turned away from him.

"But soon you will be afraid, very soon."

Master Yoda's words haunted me now, as I headed away from Coruscant, away from the Jedi Temple. Anakin was silent, but I sensed his worry for me, and for what this mission would bring. In spite of myself, I too, was worried. The blackness of space opened before us, as we headed towards Naboo, all the vastness of the universe spreading before us.

"But soon you will be afraid, very soon........."

*** Hey, I would like to thank Selenae Steelclaw for helping me conquer my writer's block. Thanx Dragon Star! ***

*Submitted by BlueDragoness Rei-Chan*

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