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Betrayal Part I

It has been three days since Qui-Gon's funeral reception. Three days since I had left the beautiful planet of Naboo into the vast blackness of space which I had almost to soon grown to know and love. Accompanying me on this journey was my new Padawan apprentice, young Anakin Skywalker. He was supposed to be Qui-Gon's new apprentice, but it was because of his awful and suprising death that Anakin was left for me to train and care for. The idea had not exactly thrilled me at first, but I promised Qui-Gon that I would take him, so I really didn't have much of a choice. I had thought this boy was trouble from the very moment I met him, but now I suppose Qui-Gon was right about Anakin being the special one the legends told about. He had the highest midi-chlorian count anyone has ever seen, and the legends had told that someone of this nature would come and restore order to the Jedi nation. I wasn't sure if these stories had ever been true, but Qui-Gon was convinced that he was the one, and that's why he went through so much trouble to bring him along. I still don't understand this whole thing, but I guess I will someday.

I had just received news from Theed palace in Naboo's capital city that the new Supreme Chancellor, formerly Senator Palpatine, had mysteriously vanished without a trace. Nobody knew of his whereabouts, and the party attempting to locate him was having absolutely no luck on the subject. It was almost impossible to track him, for no one knew when he disappeared, nor could they pick up an electronic trail. While reading the news, I could sense a faint shudder in the Force, which was so small but held such a strengthening danger that I almost didn't pick it up. I was confused, and sat there pondering it's meaning for a while. I suppose Anakin sensed my confusion, because he questioned me about it.

" Hey Obi- ... ermm.. I mean Master, what's wrong? Something isn't right I know it. I can feel it," he said.

" You're right, young Padawan," I replied. " Something is wrong, the new Supreme Chancellor has disappeared."

" Well, what are we going to do?" He asked, a hint of hope in his voice.

" First, we are heading back to Naboo to ensure the safety of her majesty, Queen Amidala, and her people," I said smoothly. Anakin said nothing, and even though I could not see his face, I could tell he was grinning silently to himself. I couldn't help but smile also.

Darth Sidious sneered in evil satisfaction behind his dark, shadowy robes. There hadn't been much room for satisfaction after Darth Maul's death until now. Even though he knew his restless young apprentice was going to fail in his battle against the Jedi, it still filled him with anger. He was ready to take on another apprentice though, one who would not fail, but crush the race of the Jedi under his fist. He had already found this new apprentice, one finely skilled in the Dark Arts, although no one ever expected he was. He had secretly been in contact with him as soon as he learned of Darth Maul's destiny to fail. The plan was all to perfect. This one will not fail me, he thought, with a sinister laugh. At that very moment the door to his dark chamber flew open and in stepped his new apprentice, whom he had waited so long for. The man was tall and menacing, his thinning light brown hair streaked with gray, a cold, evil stare fixed upon his features. This one would not fail......

Part II