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Betrayal Part II

My feelings mixed together, swirls of wonder and complete confusion. What was this new danger? What did it have to do with the message I recieved about Supreme Chancellor Palpatine? Was the queen in trouble? I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing. Steady. Concentrate, ... become one with the Force. Focus on the present. Focus on the danger. Concentrate...... I snapped my eyes open. No answer! Not even a clue! I sighed loudly, frustrated and disappointed. I shook my head. How come I can never--------!!?? All of the sudden Master Qui-Gon's words flew to the surface of my cluttered mind. " Your sensitivity to the living Force is not your strength," he once had said. I seemed so long ago to me now. Still fuming, I pushed the thought away and tried to keep my mind on heading for Coruscant. I had decided to meet with the Jedi Council there on my way to the lush, green planet of Naboo. Although it was a time consuming detour, I somehow felt it was needed. Anakin remained silent for most of the trip, which I thought was unusually strange because he was always so talkative. He mostly talked about his slave days, Podracing, and various points concerning his training. But as of now he was quiet, perhaps he is thinking about his mother, I thought.

Quite some time later, the city planet of Coruscant loomed heavily in front of our starcruiser, the shiny buildings and vehicles reflecting the two setting suns on the horizon.

" Wha-? Why are we going to stop here?" Anakin asked. He ruffled his short, light tan hair, his young face scrunched up in confusion.

" I need to speak to the Jedi Council," I replied, turning to face him. His big, sparkling blue eyes looked up at me, and his voice was unable to hide his obvious excitement.

" Hey.., it's about Palpatine's disappearance isn't it? I know it is!" He exclaimed. I couldn't help but laugh.

" Yes, as a matter of fact it is." Nothing was said after that, for we had just landed on a landing platform just outside the Jedi Temple, where Ki-Adi-Mundi was waiting for us.

" Ah yes, we expected you would be coming, please do come in, the rest of the Council is waiting for you," he said and headed toward the large, glass plated door, his long robe making soft swishing noises as it brushed against the rough ground.

He led Anakin and I down a long, dimly lit corridor carpeted in red velvet, the walls painted a light shade of tan. We then stepped into a transport elevator and traveled up many stories until we reached another corridor. We walked down it and opened two double doors that led into a very large circular room with windows lining the walls. The Council Chamber. The Council members were sitting in seats along the walls, 12 members in all. Through the transparent rectangular windows, I could see the long stretches of silver skyscrapers, famous to Coruscant, reflecting orange, yellow, and red from the multiple setting suns on the horizon. Transport ships and various others weaved their way along electronic, invisible skylines that covered the planet, crisscrossing from every angle and direction. Ki-Adi-Mundi motioned for us to come in and took his seat along a wall, between Jedi Master Yoda and Saesee Tiin, the Iktotchi pilot. Anakin followed me to the center of the Chamber where we stood and waited.

" The disturbance, felt it have you?" Yoda asked, his rugged voice cracking with age.

" Yes Master Yoda, I have felt it." I replied quietly, trying to calm my uneasy stomach.

" And the boy? Know of this does he?"

" The situation has been explained to him."

" Umm.. Yes sir, it has," Anakin added, I suppose he was trying to prove my point. Master Yoda just ignored him.

"A great danger has settled heavily upon the fate of the Jedi," Mace Windu continued, "An evil concentrated on Sith power more menacing than the last. An evil, that if it suceeds, could very easily destroy what is left of the Jedi race once and for all......."

Part III