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The Power of Emotions

Part Two

“Something bothering you Qui-San?”

Qui-San snapped out of her dreamland, only to find herself looking at Obi-Wan. Last night’s meeting with the Senator had left her puzzled, and tired. She nodded slowly.

“I’m fine, Obi-Wan. Just a bit winded though. Last night took alot out of me.” Obi-Wan nodded and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Qui-San smiled at him, looking into his hazel eyes which were now more of a blue. His brown hair was dark and cut short, with a rat tail in the back and a single braid, the symbol of a Jedi Padawan, coming down the front. Now that Obi-Wan was the master, he would probably grow his hair out.

Qui-San glanced down at young Anakin Skywalker, who stared up at her with sympathetic, blue eyes. He hugged her, and looked up to see into her face.

“I’m really sorry about....Qui-Gon...” he whispered. “He...was...really nice to me...I’m going to be a Jedi...just like’ll see...” The compassion in the young boy’s eyes was enough to make her smile and hug him back.

“I’m sure you will Ani,” She said, ruffling his dust blonde hair, cut into the same fashion as Obi-Wan’s. “I’m sure you will.”

* * *

Qui-San glanced around at the crowd of cheering spectors. The people of Naboo were finally united. They were now at peace with the Gungans. Queen Amidala stood tall and proud, her face a mask of joy and compassion. Her bright brown eyes contained wisdom beyond her 14 years of age, and her long hair was simply put back, with a headband of pink feathers. Boss Nass, leader of the Gungans, asended the small platform, and took the glowing sphere from the Queen.

“Peace!” He yelled, holding it into the air. A loud cheer arose, and Qui-San smiled. She glanced down at Master Yoda, who was grinning to himself. She looked back over at Obi-Wan and Anakin, who were obiviously enjoying themselves. She was as well, to a degree.

JarJar was dismounting his creature..or trying to, anyway...and walking up the isle with Commander Tarpals. He grinned at Qui-San broadly, she smiled back. She barely knew the Gungan, but they had spoken briefly after her Brother’s funeral.

“Mesa sowwy,” He had said. “Yousa’s brudder was a good person. A bit cawazy doh.” He slipped a sort of cute smile in there, trying to make her feel better. It did. She had thrown her head back and laughed, more then she had in ages.

“Thank you, JarJar Binks,” She whispered as she zapped back to the present once again.

“Say something, did you?” Yoda asked her, glancing upward to look at the tall Jedi.

“No Master,” She replied. “Just brooding to myself.” Yoda nodded, and turned back to the ceremony.

Hours later, once the celebration had cooled off, Qui-San was at a meeting with Yoda. Obi-Wan had just left, warning her that Yoda was a tad....cranky.

“Master Yoda, you sent for me?” She asked as she entered, bowing low. “Sent for you I did, yes,” He replied in his scratchy voice. He paced back and forth, holding his cane tightly and breathing heavily.

“Master, let me help you to a chair,” Qui-San said, easing him over to a nearby seat. Yoda nodded his thanks, and Qui-San stood before him.

“Come the time has for you to release the title of Jedi Knight,” He said, smiling in his own sort of way. A wave of excitement rose inside Qui-San, but she kept her emotions burried.

“What do you mean, Master Yoda?” She asked, thinking she knew the answer.

“Come the time has for you to become Jedi Master!” He proclaimed, adding his cute little laugh. Qui-San stood stunned for a moment. Though she had slightly guessed that would be his answer, she was still surprised and honored.

“Surprised, are you?” Yoda asked with a grin.

“Somewhat, Master. I am honored you think that I am ready to receive that title.” Qui-san replied, bowing her head.

“Always ready, you have been,” He returned wisely, “But the tests you must first take.” Qui-San nodded.

“When can I take the tests, Master?”

“One week from now,” He said, rising. “Ready then the council will be with your trials.” Qui-San bowed once again.

“Again, thank you Master Yoda.”

“Welcome you are!” He exclaimed. “Dismissed are you.” With that, Qui-San turned and exited the room. Yoda looked after her, muttering to himself.

“Much like her brother, she is....on her mind, many matters are.” What Yoda could not sense, was the evil that was attempting to envelop Qui-San, and how hard she was fighting it off, even not herself knowing it.

Part Three