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The Power of Emotions

Part Three

“He is the one.”

A man cloaked in midnight black robes, stared into a screen with a picture on it, a film taken on Tatooine not that long ago.

A film of Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Sidious smiled to himself, and chuckled lowly.

“He is the one, the one that will be my new apprentice.” Darth Sidious turned his chair around and stared at the walls of his throne room, deep underground. He sighed, brooding about his old apprentice, Darth Maul.

“You’ve failed me, Khamier. Young Skywalker will not.” He paused for a moment, his thoughts wandered to something else. “Qui-San Jinn.....Perhaps I was too bold...she could never figure me out...She will die....I will see to it...personally.”

Sidious stood and took off his robes. He ran a hand through his pale brown hair, streaked gray with age, and straightened himself.

“I suppose it is time to get back to the meetings. I am the new Chansoler after all.” Palpatine smiled to himself and laughed evily, exiting his room.

* * *

Anakin walked through the many hallways of the Castle to reach Queen Amidala’s room.

“Your Highness...” He called as he knocked on the door. “It’s me, Anakin.” A faint shuffle was heard, and then the door opened.

“Come in, Anakin,” He handmaiden Padme said with a smile. “She’ll be with you in a moment.” Anakin, clothed in his loose fitting Jedi robes straightened as the Queen entered the room.

Amidala laughed, her brown eyes sparkling. Her long hair was braided, and wraped around her head in a sort of bun. Her face was bare, no make up was worn on it. She smiled at Anakin. “You needn’t be so formal, my young friend. I am a friend of yours, no need for this bowing nonsense.”

Anakin smiled, and loosened himself. He had been tense, learning that the Handmaiden he had met and befriended was actualy the Queen, but he realized that no matter what title she held, she still considered him a companion.

She embraced him, and Anakin said to her, “I’m Obi-Wan’s new padawan now! I..don’t know where being a Jedi Padawan will take me, but....I’ll never loose touch!” Amidala smiled.

“I’m sure you won’t Ani.” She replied. “I’m sorry to ask you to leave so suddenly, but I need to go to bed. I must get up early tommorow to meet with Boss Nass.” she gave him a soft kiss on his forehead and had Padme lead him out.

“Bye Ani,” Padme said as she shut the door.

Anakin sighed and went off to find his master. Following the hallways to where Obi-Wan had said he would be, Anakin came upon the hangar bay where he saw Obi-Wan speaking to JarJar.

“Obi-Wa- I mean, master!” Anakin exclaimed, rushing up to him. Obi-Wan hid a smile.

“Hello Ani,” He said. “What brings you around here? I thought you were visiting with Amidala.”

“Visit got cut short,” Anakin explained. “What’re you all doing here?” He nodded greetings to JarJar, and the other pilots that were present.

“Wesa tryin to repair a ship,” JarJar answered. “Mesa here ta do some learnin. Dat way mesa can pilot Gungan Sub.” Anakin nodded.

“Master, may I help?” He asked Obi-Wan eagerly.

“If the pilots so choose to allow you,” Obi-Wan told him slowly. “Just don’t get in their way, Anakin.” Obi-Wan smiled to himself, knowing Anakin could contribute much to the repair of a ship.

“You and JarJar stay here for a bit...I have things I need to take care of,” Obi-Wan told them. Anakin only nodded, busy untangeling the cords that JarJar had somehow managed to wrap around himself.

“JarJar,” Anakin laughed, “How do you always manage to get into these situations?” JarJar just moaned.

“Mesa berry unlucky,” He said. “Berry unlucky.”

Obi-Wan walked down the corridors leading to Qui-San’s quarters. He soon arrived at her door, but sensed something was amiss.

“Qui-San?” He called, pressing the button that rang the bell. His right hand was near his lightsaber. If his intuition was correct, he’d need it.

There was no answer. The Force rippled, and Obi-Wan Heard a shout, and blasters being fired, then a lightsaber being ignited.

Drawing his own weapon, Obi-Wan quickly sliced at the control panels near the door that would allow acess to the room. The door shuddered open, and Obi-Wan rushed in.

Four battled droids lay on the ground, parts strewn everywhere, and two destroyer droids had Qui-San cornered. She refused to surrender, she had been blocking their shots.

“Qui-San!” He yelled. Taking his lightsaber, faster then the droids could process, he smashed it down on one, lowering it’s sheild. Qui-San leapt into motion, slicing it down.

The second one couldn’t even get it’s bearings straight when the two did the same thing to it once again.

“Qui-San, what happened?” Obi-Wan asked, glancing around the room. His gentle gaze rested on her. Qui-San sat on her bed, holding her arm. The material was now soaked with blood.

“I don’t know,” She told him. “I came in for a nap, and I wasn’t down ten minutes when these guys showed up. I don’t know how they got in, instinct awakened me.” Obi-Wan shook his head and looked at the Droids.

“It seems perhaps this was an attempt on your life,” He commented worriedly.

“Well...I’m not sure. Whoever it was certinaly underestimated me.”

“Perhaps they were...testing your ability, to see what to deploy in the near future?” Obi-Wan reasoned. Qui-San nodded.

“That may be it,” she said. She looked at Obi-Wan.

“I suggest we get that arm fixed up and report this to the council.” Obi-Wan told her. She nodded.

“Let us first be sure the others are safe,” Qui-San said, grabbing her bag and exiting quickly. Obi-Wan followed, their destination set for the Hangar bay.


Anakin looked up from his work quickly, glancing towards the entrance to the hangar bay. Qui-San soon entered, followed by Obi-Wan. Both had worried expressions on their tired faces, and both entered with equal caution. “What happened?” Anakin asked, rushing over. His sharp eyes rested on Qui-San’s arm, which was still bleeding.

“Qui-San! You’re bleeding.” He motioned her over to a seat, and retrieved a first aid kit. Applying cloth to the wound, he stopped the bleeding, and proceeded to dress it as Obi-Wan explained what had happened.

“We need to contact the council,” Obi-Wan finished, nodding approval to Anakin, who had finished with Qui-San.

“Thank you Ani,” She told him, hiding a smile. She could feel the Force flowing through her, healing her wounds. She sighed, somewhat relieved, and closed her eyes momentarily.

“I will go and contact Master Yoda immediately, and have him arrange an audience with the Council,” Obi-Wan said, giving a brief nod to both, and exiting, to catch Yoda before he left back to Coroscaunt in the morning.

“I hope he’s not napping,” Qui-San said with a smile. She looked after Obi-Wan for a moment, then her gaze fell on the ship that was being repaired.

“Need some help, Panaka?” She asked, walking over to them, Anakin at her side. Panaka replied by mumbling, she couldn’t really hear him with his head burried in the area of the Ship’s motor. She took it as a yes though.

Smiling, Qui-San went to work aiding Panaka and the others in the ship’s repair. Though she was about 37 years old, she did some pod racing, and is a decent mechanic. She glances up, where JarJar was playing with a piece of the Ship. A Vital Piece. Sighing, and hiding a smile, Qui-San went to retrieve it.

* * *

“In conclusion Master, we are unsure of her attacker, or what they hoped to acomplish by this assult,” Obi-Wan told Yoda, still on one knee before the old Master.

“A problem this is, if involved the sith are,” Yoda muttered, his aged face now masked with concern. “Caution you must take,” He warned. Obi-Wan nodded. “Find out what goes on, the council will. But now a mission you must take.” Obi-Wan listened intently as The Jedi master spoke, and was soon dismissed to do Yoda’s bidding. After exiting the room, he headed for the hangar bay, where he, Qui-San, and Anakin would set out on a mission that niether would ever forget.

*Submitted by Qui-San Jinn*

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