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Episode 7: A New Order

Part I: The Journey

Making my way to Courscant, I had settled down in my quarters of the star ship, for a short nap. I was deep into my slumber when my padawan, Roniss aroused me.

"What is it my young apprentice?", I questioned, yawning.

"I apologize Master but the pilot would like to see you.", my padawan said.

"Is something wrong?", I asked him.

"No sir, it seems that there is a message from Master Skywalker."

I put on my formal robes, for Master Luke is very, well gifted. His father was the famous "chosen one", he brought balance to the great order to which I belong. I have a deep respect for him.

"Yes Lieutenant", I inquired of the co-pilot.

"Sir", he stated, "There is a message from a Master Luke Skywalker. Do you know him?"

"Do I know him?", I replied with a little chuckle, "Of course I know him. He trained me!"

As I approached the cockpit, my padawan looked as if to say Should I come along master? I nodded, and I smiled at the look on his face. Exactly the one exhibited when I was a padawan, many years ago.


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