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Part III: Preparation

"Master, must we do this again?", my apprentice whined.

"Yes, my young padawan", I said, "You are to face a trained sith, you need more practice in using the force and dueling."

"If you say so, master.", my resigned padawan said.

"I do say so."

I used my force powers to hurl an object made out of steel. He waggled his fingers and sent it straight back at me. I had to duck and do a somersault to doge. I could feel the force. It was flowing through him. He had been ready for the trials a long time. Yet I did not realize it till now.

"Enough", I said, "Ignite your saber."

Sure enough his blue blade in all its majesty came out he saluted me with it. The mock duel had begun. They were on low power. They wouldn't hurt. He had me out of breath in seconds. He had abnormal powers. He was no longer himself ! He was flying through the air. He was flipping, crouching. I turned mine off. He had to become a knight. As soon as possible. I don't care. The apprentice prophecy was already fufilled by Kenobi and Maul. He would become a knight. I was a high member of the council. I motioned him to come with me. We had landed on Courscant.


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