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Part IV: My Old Master

My apprentice, and I had arrived at the newly rebuilt Jedi Temple on Courscant. I left the quarters, where I left Ronnis, and headed for the council chamber. Master Luke looked, well worse than the hologram, and very old. He was sixty, though, after all.

"Master, we must not put this off, any longer," I said.

"What, the mission?" he asked.

"No. My padawan. Yesterday I was preparing my padawan, we dueled we used the force. He had--no, has great powers. More than me," I shivered. "I seek your permission to cut off his braid. He is ready."

"Well what about the padawan...."

I cut him off. "Already fufilled by your old master."


"He is a knight, then?" I asked.


"Thank you master."

I went into my room, and took out of my most special, and secured drawer a pair of clippers. Those cut my padawan braid. Now they will cut Ronnis'.

I ran into Ronnis' room. I told him to get into his most formal clothes, and his jewel encrusted lightsaber that once belonged to a Master Ki Adi-Mundi, a once great member of the old Jedi Council. I told him to be in my sort of throne room in one minute. Meanwhile I took out my most special Jedi Uniform. The one I wore as a new knight and as a new master. Now I would wear them as I would make my padawan a knight. Master Luke and I went into the Jedi Council chamber. Ronnis stood at the door. I began the ancient ritual of making a knight.

"What do you ask of this the Jedi order?" I asked him.

"Its fellowship. I seek to become a knight," he answered.

"Come here, my padawan," I ordered him.

A Jedi shows no emotion. He showed none. I fought back to restrain tears. I cut of his braid. He was now a knight. I read to him the code of the order. Master Luke wished us a "May the Force Be With You." And we left for the mission.


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