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Part V: The Beginning

We were well on our way and into hyperspace, when I felt something was wrong. There was a disturbance in the force! Someone was firing at us! I rushed to the cockpit the pilot was trying to steer the ship clear of the x-wing but he couldn't.

"What the kaddus is happening here, Captain!", I demanded.

"Sir, I believe this is an old Imperial shuttle."

"Where's the Jedi Ronnis?", I asked.

"He said he was going to fight 'em'. "

"You've gotta be kidding me."

"No sir. Whoa!" The ship was spinning out of control, but the experienced pilot easily put it back onto course. I ran to the deploying chamber. Sure enough, one of the speeders was missing! I jumped into the other one. I set the ship for full power. I couldn't find Ronnis anywhere. What the- I was being pulled, it was a tractor beam!

I took my blaster pistol and carefully hid it in my invisible pocket in my robes. Lightsaber at my side, I awaited whatever was going to happen. A door opened. I ignited my lightsaber. Shots came and I deflected all of them. Imperial stormtroopers lay dead. I went down a hall. I went into what seemed to be a control room. I slashed all the troopers. Now to find what was going on. I pressed a button that read cell blocks. That must be where Ronnis is. A voice answered. "Yes." I responded putting the full weight of the force into my voice.

"Are you holding any prisoners at the moment?"

"Yes it seems like a Jedi."

"The commander would like to interrogate him. Bring him here."

"Right away."

I used a suction method to cling to the ceiling. I had my lightsaber ready. I figure that I'll kill the guard, get Ronnis and investigate. A human with brass that seemed to be a Major along with a robot came through along with Ronnis. I killed them, gave Ronnis a spare lighsaber, and we swept down a hall.

"What happened?", I asked him.

"Well, I took a speeder, trying to help the captain and shot down all the fighters. Then I was pulled into the ship. They took my lightsaber. Be wary master. They said something like that he will get you. I think he is the Sith. Master I sense that the sith- what the-"

Our lighsabers came on and a platoon of storm troopers came rushing towards us, with firing guns.

I took my blaster out. I threw a pistol to my old padawan. The mission had begun!


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