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Part VI: In the Heat of Battle

Bullets flew at us. We stood back to back. He continued to parry. I used the force, my blaster levitated near the ceiling. I programmed it to kill all others except myself and Ronnis. My old padawan followed suit. We went flying through the air. We flipped, turned ,somersaulted, and slashed with our lightsabers. With the help of the blasters, all troopers were soon lying on the ground, lifeless. We ran down a opening and saw a door that said "Commander". This must be it I thought. Blasters back at our sides, my lightsaber melting the door, we stormed in. I killed all the guards. Ronnis found the Imperial Admiral. We used the force to lock him in position. I went off to find the sith. Ronnis caught up with me. All of a sudden a young man with the beginning of a beard, yellow teeth, and sallow skin appeared. I saw the last of the sith.


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