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Part VII: The End of Sith & The Empire

He was dressed all in black, tunic, and all. He jeered at us. Ronnis charged towards him, I also. Our lightsabers hummed. His was red. I've only seen a red lightsaber in the Jedi archives. He was powerful. Too powerful. But Ronnis showed extradordinary strength. I used the force to hurl a hunk of steel at the sith. He sent it straight back at me. There was an opening for a second. Ronnis saw it but the sith realized it and it cost Ronnis a leg. I waggled my fingers. Ronnis' wound was fine for the moment. But I had to duel with the Sith. Alone. I kicked the sith. I wrestled with him. Forget lightsabers. I had him pinned down. Ronnis flew with the force. The sith was dead. Ronnis cut his head clean off. The admiral was soon dead. He killed himself. He somehow hid a blade from us. We searched the ship. We got out. Our pilot blew it up. Back to Courscant. It was all too short.


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