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The New, Improved, Extra-Shiny Star Wars Quiz

1)Who was the Imperial Grand Moff who was in charge on board the first Death Star?

a. Moff Tarkin

b. Moff Zsinji

c. Moff Disra

2) On the Jedi Council, what was the name of the female of Yoda's species?

a. Yarreal

b. Adi

c. Yaddle

3) The snow from what famous movie was used for Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back?

a. The Shining

b. Miracle on 34th Street

c. Batman Returns

4) What did Mark Hamill accidently shout to Princess Leia when he came back from destroying the Death Star?

a. Shoot! What was her name again?!

b. Carrie!

c. Hey, baby, how's about a victory kiss?

5) What is the name of the extra-galactic species that plans to take over the "galaxy far far away" in the latest Star Wars books?

a. Nil Spaar

b. Yevetha

c. Yuuzhan Vong

6) What are the microscopic life-forms that communicate with the Force and reside in the cells of all things living?

a. Micro-chlorians

b. midi-chlorians

c. midi-chromosomes

7) In the latest Star Wars books, how old are the Solo children?

a. 2, 2, and 1.

b. 15, 16, and 16.

c. 14, 13, and 14.

8) What does Luke plan to reestablish in the New Jedi Order?

a. The Emporor's New Order

b. A Senate more like the Old Republic's

c. The Jedi Council

9) How did Chewbacca die?

a. On a doomed planet

b. Of old age, at home with his family

c. Taking a bullet for Han

10) What planet does Mara go to to rest from her mysterious illness?

a. Dantooine

b. Dagobah

c. Ithor

The Answers