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The lightsaber has two forces…

Part 1

Lizowan slept in her bed… I was not having a good dream though. The darkside was haunting me in my nightmare. My father was a great sith lord.. who was strong in the darkside. My mother a great jedi knight… helped my father to the lightside…only to kill her..and turn back. I am half lightsided and half darksided..The darkside never stops calling to me, they figure I should be like my father. I will never turn to the darkside. No matter how hard they try..they will never win. If you think about anger sometimes gets the best of me. The darkside has eaten it's way into my skull for twenty years of life.

I tossed and turned in my sleep. I awoke. The darkside dream still lingered on inside of my mind. I tossed the blankets off and walked to the window. Ilooked at my padawan still asleep on the other side of the room.

"So peaceful and sweet" I said quietly. I put on my Jedi robe, trying hard not to disturb my padawan's sleep. She probably had a better sleep then me. I started to think back on my dream. Most of the jedi dreams do come true, by the ways of the force they happen. I closed my eyes praying that the sequence of events don't come true. There was too much darkside involved. Trying to remember the horrible point to my dream. I started to watch out the window.

It seemed like hours before I realized I was in a trance. My apprentice started to call my name. "master" she cried. "hmmm..I'm sorry saymaya. We have to go to the jedi council today" and not a great mission this is going to be. (Remembering my dream) "I haven't forgotten about that master"

"Time for u to get ready then. Master yoda has a mission for us"

As my padawan got dressed I thought back to the dream. The dream told me I turned to the darkside for the sack of my padwan..but it doesn't tell me how or why??. I find that very confusing. How am I suppose to know when the evil will try to snatch me away from my so happy life?? How will I over come it?? or am I faking it until someone rescues me?? S many questions floating through my brain, I don't know how to answer them, I figure I'll mention them to master yoda. I must not show my discouragement to my apprentice, she might start to wonder what's going on.

Part 2