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Part 2

As soon as Saymaya was ready, we went a cross the hall to Larinity's room. Larinity is a Jedi knight, who is a very good friend of mine. She had just came out the door,when me and Saymaya came up to her door.

"Good morning" said Larinity

"Hello" me and my apprentice said at the same time. "All set to go to the jedi council?"

"Well..yeah I guess…I hate getting up early in the mornings, on my day off"

Saymaya, Larinty, and myself all walked through the hallways. The Jedi council held their meeting's up on the last floor of the building, we slept on the first floor.

We walked into the Jedi council. We all bowed at our superior's. Everyone in the room were Jedi masters. Master yoda was the first to speak.

"Welcome" he chuckled a little after his words.

"Master Yoda, you asked us to come here? Another mission?" I said.

"hmmmm…the mission is a dangerous one" the little green alien said.

"We have a reason to believe theirs a hidden base on the planet Dagabah" Master Windu said.

"Right u are master Windu" Yoda said. "that is all my young jedis"

Everyone except me bows and leaves the room. "More to ask of me Lizowan??"

"Master, I had a dream..about myself turning to the darkside on this mission??" "Will it come true??"

"hmmmm….I think there is away to avoid it, but this vision is clouded" "You must watch out for yourself, watch how tricky the darkside is" "Sometimes there is no way out of the situation"

"Thank you master, I'll be careful."

I bow and leave the council room. I found Larinity and Saymaya waiting outside the door.

"And what were u doing?" Saymaya asked

"I had to tell the council something" "We better be getting to our ship."

We all walked down the long hallways t the hanger bay. Our ship was on the other side of the hanger bay. I started to sense something in the force. We all looked forward to see two figures walking in our direction.

Part 3