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Part 3

I put my hand to my lightsaber wondering if these two figures could really be the disturbance. The two figures got closer to us. I got my first glance at them. They were two bounty hunters. Why were they here?

"No one move" said the fat one.

"Or we will be forced to shoot" the thin tall one told us.

Larinity looked at me very quickly. What are we going to do?? I put my hand to my lightsaber.

"I wouldn't even try that Jedi scum."

I went through with it. I pulled the lightsaber out and ignited it. Saymaya and Larinity followed my lead. The bounty hunters seem surprised at our quick speed. They started to fire at us.

"Jamma??" "I think we should set our guns to stun" Opatation said.

"Alright, let's set them t stun. We don't want to damage the merchandise" "Okay we can do this the easy way or the hard way?" Jamma said

"I'll take the hard way"

"Fine ignorant Jedi" Opatation responded

We all started to deflect their shots. If one wrong move they will have us. "I've got one question? Which one of u is Lizowan?" Jamma said.

I heard that and realized the darkside put a bounty on me. I didn't say anything to there question. I just kept deflecting there shots.

I know that eventually they would have me. They fired at the same time at me. I only had enough time to deflected one. I nailed one of the shots, but I know I missed the other one. Sure enough I slumped to he ground.



Jamma and Opatation picked me off the cold floor. "See you later Jedi scum." They both said.

I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I looked one last time at Larinity and Saymaya. I feel into a deep sleep.

* * * * * * * *

"Aright Opatation, I'll shove our captive in the back" "And u call up Vadar"


Jamma carried the sleeping Lizowan t the back of their ship. He wasn't taking any chances. He binded her wrists. He dropped he to the cold hard floor, and looked the door and left her.

Jamma came back up to the cockpit. Opatation was calling up Lord Vadar.

"Yes what is it" an evil voice came up on our radio.

"We have got your Jedi knight, Lizowan"

"Good, you will be rewarded greatly"

"We will be there in four hours"

"Great, bring her to me when you get here"

"Yes, Lord Vadar"

"Vadar out"

*Submitted by Liz-o-Wan*

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