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Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Sound Clips

296 KB Ace: "I am now a child of light, your earthly money holds no appeal to me ..." Greenwall: "20 thousand dollars." Ace: "Reheheheheheaelly?!?!"

31 KB "Isn't this incredible?!"

388 KB "Allow me to display my affection..."

120 KB Ace: "As a being of light I must show compassion for all the living things of nature." Greenwall: "Good." Ace: "I'm not touching it, though!"

109 KB "Hungry fella? ::barfing sounds:: That oughta hold ya for a while."

46 KB "Bumblebee tuna, bumblebee tuna!"

55 KB "You can't stop me no matter who you are."

47 KB "Denial can be an ugly thing."

202 KB "Fi, Fy, Fo, Fum, I smell the fingerprints of scum!"

154 KB "Friends, rodents, quadrapeds ... lend me your rears!"

58 KB "Guano, that sounds so familiar."

96 KB "Guano bowls...Collect the whole set!"

149 KB "You see, humans and animals can live in harmony!"

107 KB "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective! How are you this afternoon? Allllrigthy then!"

157 KB "Damn I'm good! Can you feel that, can you feel it? Captain Compost?"

46 KB ::Ace laughing::

436 KB Greenwall: "Now please take care, the Wachutu are a savage tribe, if they catch you, they'll show no mercy." Ace: "Worry not my brother, I will be as a fly on the wall, a grain of salt in the ocean, I will slip amongst them like a transparent .....thing."

74 KB "Ooh ooh ooh-ooh ohoh oooh, looser."

64 KB "Loo-hoo-se-herr."

78 KB "Duh! Nobody wants to play with me!"

33 KB "Aren't I the popular one?"

243 KB "Pride is an abomination, one must forgo the self to attain total spiritual creaminess and avoid the chewy chunks of degradation."

115 KB "You know, you can put somebody's eye out with that thing."

91 KB "Reheheheheaallly!"

49 KB "It's gonna be some kind of a record!"

47 KB "Kinda hot in these rhinos!"

327 KB "Shikaka, Shikakaaa, Shikasche, Shischkabab, Shawshank Redemption, Chicago!!!"

111 KB "There's someone on the wing, some...thing!"

10 KB "Spank you very much!"

27 KB "Take care now, bye, bye then."

29 KB "Do I have something in my teeth?"

38 KB "Let's do all the things that YOU wanna do."

41 KB "Hi, welcome back."

133 KB "BAT? ........ What .. BAT?"

170 KB Ace: "I couldn't help but notice that 'equinsu orga' part. Did you just refer to me as 'white devil'?" Ouda: "This how they know you." Ace: "Leave that part out for now on!"

171 KB "And now the Yak..... Yak, Yeeeeaak, Yeeea!"

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