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JCU Intelligence

The latest info on Jim Carrey.

Please email me with any current Jim Carrey news not listed here.

Access Hollywood's Top 10 of 2000

On Tuesday, August 29, Access Hollywood's Top 10 of 2000 will air on NBC at 8 PM ET. Jim may be one of the top ten.

Teen Choice Awards

Jim will appear at the Teen Choice Awards, which airs August 22 on FOX. I believe they will be at 8 P.M. Eastern time, but please email me if you know otherwise.

For pictures of Jim at the awards, go here. Click on thumbnails 27-32 to see larger pics of Jim.

J.C. Compatibility

Think you and Jim Carrey are a match made in heaven? Check out, where you find out your compatibility with a star from their list (which includes Jim Carrey) based on biorythms. If you think you got a good match, email it to me and I'll post the best match.

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