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Cool Links

Is it just me or is this reflection a bit grainy?

Harry Potter: The Official Site: A must visit for fans. Great interactive site!

: My newest Harry Potter site, only for those who have finished Book 5! Includes picture galleries from the movies, quotes and discussion!

Star Wars: The Official Site: Of course, the best Star Wars site ever. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

The Kenneth Branagh Compendium: Not only did this man once play a different "Harry" (Henry V), he is also playing Lockhart in The Chamber of Secrets. An awesome tribute to the great actor. Yay Shakespeare! Yay Dead Again!

Matthew Broderick: From Here to Infinity: This site has everything a Matthew Broderick fan could possibly want--short of the man himself.

8-Bit Theater: The coolest online comic out there. The original Final Fantasy characters in hilarious situations.

Jim Carrey Online: A great site dedicated to the comic genius, with pics, sounds, and constant updates.

Sonic HQ: A great Sonic site with pics, MIDIs of several different video games, comic updates, and more.

The Magics of Imagination: My friend's loverly fantasy site, which she is still putting together.

Lizo's Lair: Another friend's dragon site, with many pics.

: By far my most popular site, here you can become a Jedi Knight.

: My webcomic and fan fiction continuing the storyline of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns through adventure, fantasy and humor.

Jim Carrey Universe: My own humble Jim Carrey site, with my own arsenel of pics, sounds, et cetera. Not nearly as good as Jim Carrey Online, but please take a look anyway!

Save Ferris: Another of my sites, this one a fansite for Matthew Broderick's greatest movie. Pics, sounds and links.

:My site dedicated to Jane Austen's Emma and the Miramax film, with quotes and pictures.

: Another of my sites, here you can train to become a knight of the Round Table